Zero Pollution Farms with Biogas – EU Green Week Partner Event

Although significant improvements were already achieved in the last 30 years, farmers are expected to do more to make Europe the first carbon neutral continent by 2050. By 2030, the European Union’s emissions should be cut by 40% (30% in non-ETS sectors like agriculture), and the share of renewable energy should be at least 32%. Sources of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture such as enteric fermentation and manure management require integrated solutions.

The goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions cannot be achieved simply by cutting them. It requires a broader perspective that promotes actions to protect biodiversity of ecosystems, reduce pollution in natural environment and enhance circularity of materials.

This webinar will explore the positive impact of biogas for farmers. Combining agricultural activities with renewable energy production through biogas has a threefold extra benefit: it reduces methane emissions, it reduces nutrient pollution, and it enhances organic farming.







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