Workshop on Antibiotics in Manure and Digestate 17-18.4.2023

Many biogas plants are linked to livestock and, therefore, to the animal pharmaceuticals that are used on the animals. The fermentation of manure might be suitable as a treatment, which reduces the potential for harm from certain antibiotics, but it can also pose a risk. Are there other ways to treat manure and reduce risk? What factors are important? Does reducing or even eliminating antibiotics solve the problem? And perhaps most important – how can we monitor it?
On April 17th and 18th in Weimar researchers from Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and USA will share their results on topics such as how antibiotics affect soil, the role of antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes, what effects they have observed in treatment options, and approaches for monitoring.
The workshop will be hybrid and the presentations can be viewed online. The discussion groups, however, will only take place in-person. They will address topics, such as which aspects need to be monitored and how as well as how to communicate targets to stakeholders, such as livestock farmers and veterinarians.

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Weimar Germany & online

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