Nordic Biogas Conference 2016 – presentations

The sixth Nordic Biogas Conference (NBC) was held on Viking Grace cruise ship in September 2016. The conference was organised by biogas representatives from all five Nordic countries and here are all presentations from conference.

Biogas from Agro Biomas
HUMALISTO, Collectives energized by manure
MOLLE, Recent development in biogas production from agro biomass in Denmark
NORDELL and MOESTEDT, Is it possible to start-upa biogas plant from manurein only4 months?

Biogas from Food Waste
KIKILLUS, Generating Biomethane & Liquid CO2 from Food & Beverage Waste
BRO, Billund BioRefinery – Resource Recovery fot the Future/a>
GAREIS, Partial flow digestion in municipal biowaste management and high efficiency product gas utilization
KAINULAINEN, The effects of biochar addition on dry digestion of biowaste
VIKKULA, Future of biogas production in Nordics

Biogas from Novel Feedstock
EKSTRAND, High-rate anaerobic co-digestion of kraft mill fibre sludge and activated sludge by CSTRs with sludge recirculation
Äänekoski Biogas Production – Sludge from forest industry to biomethane
TOZY, Modelling of a pilot scale anaerobic digester treating sugar beet vinasses
STENBERG, Marine Biogas – Renewable energy from a clean ocean

Biogas Upgrading and Use
BAKKER, Bio-LNG for transport sector
BLOM, Small scale upgrading –technical review, new innovative approaches and potentials for application at Swedish farms
KVIST, Methane lossfrom biogas and upgrading plants – A voluntary measurement scheme

Digestate as Fertilizer
SVENSSON, Impact of EU regulations on waste and fertilizers on the use of digestate as bio-fertilizer
KOHLEICK, Fertilizer Production and Effluent treatment – Landco
PEDERSEN, Digestate as fertilizer – recycling of nutrients
KINNUNEN, Anaerobic digestion of sludge from pulp and paper mill

Final Session
STUEN, Towards the best waste management system in the world?
LAUGESEN, Biogas2020
MUTIKAINEN, Growth perspectives for Biogas in Finland
NEVALAINEN, Making LNG and LBG available in the Nordic market

LBG for Long Haulage
Business case for liquified Biomethane – Cryo Pur
Sustainable Transportand Methane powered vehicles – Scania Trucks

Small Scale Biogas Production
JOCHUM, Biological Methanation to improve the Efficiency and Flexibility of Biogas Plants
BAKKE, Cost-efficient small-scale high-rate manure digester
KOPPELMÄKI, Palopuro agroecological symbiosisLocal sustainable food and farming pilot based on anaearobic digestion of residues for energy and recyclable nutrients

Opening Session
NIELSEN, Biogas in the Nordic Countries
Pure Energy, Clean Water – Malmberg

Biomethane and LBG
KOVACS, Biomethaneroadmap – challenges & solutions for future biomethanemarket
PRODAI, Construction of mini-factory for liquified biogas (LBG)

Synthetic Methane Production
HAKALA, Convion – Fuel cell systems
HELD, Small scalebiomethane production through gasification and methanation of woody biomass(BioSNG)




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